Thursday, September 29, 2011

Milana's 2nd Birthday

Here we go again, it has been almost two months since Milana's birthday and I am now just getting around to blogging about it.  I really must be more timely with these things if I want to remember everything that happened on said day. Did I mention I can believe my little baby is 2!!!  I remember carting my little baby around the house in my arms and now her feet dangle down and hit my knees when I walk.  What is it about kids getting older that makes you miss the baby phase even more?  I think it is the new found independence that they gain every day that makes you miss the tiny little baby you stayed up with all night.  Is this one of the reasons most women want more children, if so then I have fallen victim also along with other reasons.

I think Milana was one very happy birthday girl this year.   She got lots of wonderful books and toys from her family and friends.  Her grandparents got to watch her open her presents via Skype and see her squeal with delight at all the packages.  It is nice that they can share in her birthday even if they are so far away.

My little fairy loves Tinker Bell, so that was the theme this year. She even had her friend Yelina at her party.    We decided to take the girls to a large indoor fun center.  The girls had a blast climbing, jumping and sliding on the slides.  I think the parents had a pretty good time too doing all these things with them.  Afterwards, the girls got happy meals at McDonalds.  A fun time was had by all.  Since she turned two, it was time for a brand new big girl bed complete with slide.  Since the purchase of the bed it has been her favorite present.  She even puts herself the bed at night.  Best purchase ever and best birthday so far!!

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