Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our first family vacation Crete 2011

Our first family vacation for our little family was all about the three of us.  We wanted to go somewhere that we could all relax and have fun.  Since we all like the water so much it was definitely going to be a beach.  We searched for a place geared towards little ones to make sure she was happy and finally decided on a resort in Crete.

We couldn't have asked for a better place to take playground, water loving two year old.  Our days were filled with sun, pools, swings, slides and sand.  The Mediterranean sea was blue and beautiful.  Milana preferred to play in the pools because they didn't have the sand or salt water.  The resort had a large covered playground for kids in case it rained.  Of course the slide queen had to go every day for a visit.  They also had children's group activities and drawing.  David and I took turns while it was nap time watching Milana. While I watched her, he would usually go take pictures of the beautiful surroundings and when it was my turn for free time I would usually go lay in a chair by the water and try not to appear too ghostly white.

 It was a really relaxing and fun vacation for everyone and it was hard to come back to reality.  Now we are getting ready for the big girl to turn 2 next week.  Lots of baking, wrapping and planning to do.

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