Sunday, January 31, 2010

Six Months and Growing

I can't believe my little girl is six months old already. Time has flown by. It has been wonderful to be able to stay home with her these past months and watch her grow, change and have her own little personality develop.

Milana is really coming into her own and seems to learn how to do something new every few days. She is now eating solid foods with gusto. Her favorite is spaghetti bolognese. She wouldn't be her mother's daughter if she didn't like spaghetti with red sauce. Her favorite activity now is floor time. She spends floor time either doing multiple turnovers or playing under her activity gym. She is desperately trying to learn to crawl and move on her tummy. She doesn't have it quite yet and gets frustrated easily.

We have been practicing every day with trying to sit up on her own. She does it for a few seconds on her own and gets the biggest smile on her face and then down she goes. A few seconds later she is ready to get up and do it all over again. I can't say she is not determined. Milana is also able to grasp things and is taking an interest in looking at things in detail. She is also taking a interest in our three cats. She has out grown her swing so we bought her her very first chair. She loves eating, sleeping and playing in her new pink chair.

Physically she is getting bigger and getting more blonde hair. Her eyes have stayed green for a while and I am hoping they won't change. I am amazed how fast she goes through clothes. I know she will be tall like her daddy.