Saturday, June 11, 2011

Trip 4 to the US April 2011

I have a very well traveled kid.  This will be the fourth time we have flown to the US since moving in 2009.  I think she is a pretty good little traveler but that not to say that we don't have help.  Eight hours is a long flight for a 1year old, especially one who likes to be up and about all the time.  Fortunately for us, we have a little thing called the i-pad.  It is especially useful on long flights for keeping the little one entertained.

We had some trouble on the way there and missed our flight from Chicago to St. Louis but we found a play area in the airport for Milana so the wait wasn't so bad.  Like I said this is the 4th time we have been back since moving and we did all of the usual fun things when we go to visit the G-rents.  Lots of park time where Milana became master of the slide, shopping, relaxing, shopping, getting ice cream and almost everything that would be fun for a little girl.  Milana was more interested in Mick my parents dog this time and they had a big time playing together.  We also a had a family picture taken of the three of us while we were there.  It was time for an update since we last time we had a picture taken at 5 months old.

Returning to Germany we hit another snag and missed our flight to Germany or rather Mr. Obama decided to fly into Chicago the same time we were and shut down all in coming flights.  It was ok because we got a really nice free room in the hotel and a nice meal.  Milana was exta excited because we were staying in a hotel.  This  kid loves staying hotels for some reason, maybe it's the big beds.  So the next day we left for Frankfurt.  All in all it was a nice visit and we enjoyed our time there.  Now that is Milana is older we are going to start exploring some of Europe and have our own family vacations.