Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two shots, a wine fest, and a polka dot dress.

Milana received her first two needle shots. Her little squeal was heartbreaking but she seem be over it five minutes later. I think it was worse for us to watch than it was for her to get the shots. In the picture to the right you can see the little band aids on her legs from the shots. She is still a good eater and has grown and gained some weight. She now weighs 8.7 lbs and is 20.5 inches long. Now that she has her beginner shots, she can travel to the US next week to meet her grandparents for the first time.

We also decided to take a trip to a wine festival in Bad Durkheim, Germany. Since Milana was getting out of the house, she got to wear her new pink polka dot dress. Milana was content and slept the whole time we pushed her in new stroller. This allowed mommy and daddy to shop
for wine, drink some wine, have bratwurst and spatzel for lunch, and a amaretto crepe for dessert. It then decided to rain and we headed for home. Here are some before (with mommy) and after (with daddy) photos of our adventure.

Milana has learned something new. I don't know if it is her first word but when she is excited or wants something she makes a noise that sounds like she is saying "hey". She has done the quite often. If she keeps it up that will be her first word at almost 2 months old.