Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The trip down South to Mobile

After spending almost a week in St. Louis and enjoying the relaxing family time there we took off to fly down to Mobile. As we were heading through the airport in St. Louis and going through the security screening Milana was making quite a few fans being cute and sleeping. She was actually called back for inspection after going through the metal dectector. Apparently the individual doing the checks thought she was a doll since she was sleeping. After that the flight was very easy with her sleeping the entire time. She really likes sleeping while moving whether it is in a car, plane, or by foot. Once we made it to Mobile she got to meet her Uncle Brian and then Grandma and Grandpa Presken. They were quite taken with her from the moment they saw her. She got to meet her Aunt Christy a little later at dinner down on the causeway. We tried to find a gator that is supposed to live near the restaurant but it must have been hiding. The room we spent the nights in was really nice and Milana had an entire bed to herself, so of course I made a pillow fort for her to sleep in. The next day we went shopping with the grandparents and Milana got more new clothes for when she gets bigger. Lots of cute stuff! Milana spent a lot of time hanging out with her new family members and just loving the attention. Since the weather was quite warm she got to wear a lot of her cute dresses we had bought for her in St. Louis. The next day we went over to a friend's house and met up with some high school friends for dinner. It was a lot of fun and it was nice to see them again and their families. Milana spent the whole time asleep, I think the jet lag was finally starting to get to her. On Friday we went to Christy's wedding rehersal and dinner and Milana had yet another cute dress to wear and this time Mommy and her matched! Don't they just look too cute together? Milana spent a lot of the time at the rehersal dinner being passed around and held by family and friends, again she was quite content and did not fuss at all. As long as she gets attention she is very well behaved (don't begin thinking that she is spoiled, I haven't begun to spoil her yet). On Saturday was my sister's big day and that meant another cute dress that was a gift from Grandma P. The wedding was wonderful and it was a beautiful day, but that also meant it was quite warm and Milana had to be taken inside to cool down. But that just led to her being passed around more and she just loved the extra attention she got in the pretty dress. She also got to spend some time being with her Great Grandmother Presken and Great Aunt Phyllis. I don't think she has ever met so many new people in such a short amount of time while we were in Mobile. But time drew short and before we knew it we had to board a plane heading back to St. Louis and then back to Frankfurt.
It was a wonderful trip and we look forward to doing it again next year. Until then Grandparents B and P will have to make do with seeing Milana grow through photos and Skype.