Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fall and Winter of 2012

Well it is the end of the year in 2012 and we have so many things to catch up on. One of the biggest milestones and money savers is that Milana is fully potty trained!!!!!  
She worked really hard at it for the past few months but I think getting to pick out her own pretty panties help get her going in the right direction.

In September our friends Marco and Yelina went  to the Wurstmarkt Fest with us.  The girls had lots of fun riding the carnival rides and even the slides with their Papas. 

Our trip to the Wurstmarkt was fun but it was also eventful in that we had to visit the medic tent twice.  Once for David who cut his thumb open on the slide while riding it with Milana and then again when Milana fell got another head injury.  Well we thought it was a head injury when in fact she got cut by a sharp plant causing her head to bleed.  The doctors in the medic tent were super nice and gave her a stuffed teddy bear who we named "Injury Bear".  This kid really needs to stop with the head injuries or she just needs to wear a helmet all the time.  Minus the injuries we had a lot of fun.

Fall quickly turned in winter and that means Christmas!  

Milana is really starting to realize the magic of Christmas. It is so enjoyable to watch her expressions of wonder and amazement at the decorations and of course presents.  

Of course Christmas wouldn't be complete without the tradional cookie plate and appetizer buffet.  I made 7 different types of cookies this year but I couldn't have done it without my special little elf taste testing along the way.  Here is to a healthy and happy 2013.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A long post to catch up...

Mother's Day present
Seems like the last time I blogged anything it was about our trip to Disneyland Paris in April.  Well here it is September and so much has happened since then! I guess I will begin with Mother's Day.

Mother's day started out great. Milana made me a beautiful finger painted butterfly.  I got a gourmet breakfast in bed and lots of dress-up time with Milana.   We were getting all fancied up for pictures.  She even let me paint her nails. We captured some really cute shots.  Everything was going according to plan until, while in the bedroom, Milana falls and hits her head on the corner of the bed.  Again another head wound and blood everywhere.  So we made another trip to the emergency room, our 3rd in a year, and got 3 stitches in her head just above her eye.  I should have known something was going to happen since the day was going so well.  Luckily she was back to her normal self by the time we returned home.  It was an exciting Mother's Day to say the least.

Milana's Owie

Milana's birthday this year was very low key.  She opened her presents in front of her grandparents via Skype.  Unfortunately Mama or Papa did not have enough sense to get the camera out a take pictures.  I don't know what we were thinking.  I did get a picture of her making cookies on her birthday. We also started potty training around this time too.

Since Milana has a 3 week break in the summer we decided to take a vacation to Zurich. We decided to take the train there. That was a very good decision.  This was Milana's first time on a train and she loved it.  It was also nice for someone else to do the driving for us.  We just sat back and relaxed and enjoyed our 4 hour ride.  She was so excited after her train ride that she just kept saying "Choo choo train".

We stayed right in the center of the city and spent 5 days there. The first full day we went to the zoo.  Milana liked the tigers, gorillas and monkeys the best. 

The second day we took another train to an aquarium.  Milana loved looking at all the fish and of course the gift shop.  There was also a huge playground outside of the aquarium with a large slide.  Of course we had to spend a lot of time there.  She was so worn out on the way back that she fell asleep on the train.

Milana zonked with her penguin.

Milana and Mama on the train ride

The "Rocky" slide

The third day we took it easy and just went to parks and playgrounds around the city.  The fourth day we took another train out of the city and went hiking.  Milana climbed the huge look out tower, 176 steps, all by herself.  We got a great family photo from the look out point.  We also found another cool slide to try.

Top of the Tower
Nifty slide

Panoramic made by David

Our final day was the Franz Carl Weber toy store and a boat ride on the lake.  The toy store was amazing and even had a dragon slide that went from the first floor to the basement.  Needless to say Milana was in awe.  After our fun at the toy store, we went to the chocolate shop and got some yummy treats.  After that  it was time for our tour of the lake.  The was the first time she had ever been on a boat.  I was a little nervous for her because I tend to get sea sick, so I hoping she wouldn't have the same problem.  She did great and really seemed to enjoy it, especially since she got ice cream.  The next day it was time to leave our little vacation.  I think we all had a lot of fun minus a few 3 year old moments.

After Milana's three week summer break, it was time for a big milestone for her.  Her first day of kindergarten!!  Milana seemed right at home and loves being around all of the other kids.  David had to go with her for about a week and a half.

That has pretty much been our summer.  We are not sure what the fall will bring for us.  Hopefully no head injuries.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our trip to Disneyland Paris

Our trip to Disneyland Paris was our second family vacation.  We decided to drive there instead of taking a train.  It was about a four hour drive. We drove through the Campaign region of France which was absolutely beautiful.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures.  Once we were there, we decided to check in a rest for a bit before exploring.

The week before the trip, I had been sick and was still sick but I didn't want to disappoint the kiddo so we still went.  Milana loves hotels.  I don't think it would matter where we went as long as she got to stay in a hotel.  She just gets so excited going into the room for the first time and she immediately climbs on the bed and makes herself comfortable.

Once we had rested from the car ride, we went to dinner and then decided to go to Disney Village and do a little shopping.  Milana loves Minnie Maus right now, so when she saw Minnie and Mickey stuffies together, she new what she wanted.  While we were in Disney Village, there was a maze  area set up and Milana had a blast running through the maze.  We decided to call it a night after that so that we could get up and get to the park in the morning for lots of fun and rides.

The next day we were up bright and early and at the park by eight.  The first ride we went on was Buzz Lightyear's Space Adventure. Milana was a little unsure of herself at first, but once she figured out you could blast aliens from the cars, she began to have more fun.  Of course after the ride, the exit is right into a gift shop and she came away with a southern belle Minnie Maus doll.

Milana taking in a Small World
with Minnie
We went on the Small World ride next.  Milana really enjoyed this and we had to go on it two more times before we left.  We also went on the Teacups, Mr. Toads Wild Ride, Haunted Mansion, World of Fairy Tales, Alice's Maze and Casey Steam Engine just to name a few.  It was really nice how many smaller children's rides were there.

Milana on Teacups

Of course no trip to Disney would be complete without a magical hat and Minnie ears.  Later we had a nice dinner and Milana had a chocolate shake.  She was quite happy.

The next day, we went to the Studio Park but we couldn't find too much to do there, so we did some more souvenir shopping instead and then headed back to the other park to ride some more rides. That night I wasn't feeling good and Milana was really tired so David went and took pictures of the 20th Anniversary show. I wish we were up to going because the pictures he took were great.

The next day we left.  Milana made out like a bandit on Disney souvenirs.  In total she got Mickey and Minnie doll set, Southern Belle Minnie doll, pink alien Stitch doll, Lady doll, Marie doll,  Minnie blanket, Rapunzel doll, Minnie dress-up doll, and some cups with Minnie and Marie on them. I think we all had a great time.  As always Disney seems to be magical no matter how old you are.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The last half of 2011

So it seems that I can only remember to write in this blog every six months.  Well so be it.  At least I remember it that often.  So what has happened in the last 6 months??  Well when you have a two year old life is always exciting!!

In September, we decided to go see Neuschwanstein castle.  Before our trip could even begin, we received a call from the day care provider saying that Milana had fallen and sliced her eyelid open.  This was our first trip to the emergency room.  We got to the ER and the doctor said she was going to need stitches.  Since the cut was on her eye, she had to have the old fashioned needle and thread stitches and couldn't get the glue stitches.  It took 6 people including myself and David to hold her down on the table while the doctor stitched up her eye.  It was just as traumatic for mom and dad as it was for her.  Needless to say, we were ready to get the heck out of there.

Two days later we packed up the car and drove about 4 hours to the castle for a mini-vacation. The I-pad was a definite help when traveling in the car to keep the little one occupied. We stayed in a beautiful cabin by the lake. The next day we spent most of the day walking around, talking pictures and touring the outside of the castle.  They gave tours of the inside of the castle but since Milana is so young we decided to for go that part. We can come back and tour it again when she is older.  Despite the little one having stitches, all seemed to be fine and we all had a great time.

For the Christmas holiday, we decided to head to David's parents.  This meant a 9 hour flight to the states and we were thankful that we had the I-pad as entertainment for her on the trip.  We went shopping, saw holiday lights, went to a zoo, and spent lots of time outdoors in the warmer weather.  Milana got her first hair cut.  My parents even came for a few days to visit.  I think Milana really enjoyed it all.

We aren't really sure what this year is going to bring as far as adventures.  It depends on when Milana's daycare has vacation.  Hopefully we will be able to see more of Europe.