Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas and a New Year.

So here it is about 3 hours till the new year in Germany. It's been almost 3 months since I last updated this blog and Milana has changed so much. She has had some major milestones since then. She is now sleeping in her big girl bed, sleeping on her side, starting to eat some solid foods, cooing and babbling, wants to stand a lot, has fun playing swing dancer and airplane with Daddy, examining objects up close, and smiling none stop.

We had a small Christmas at home. Milana, of course, received many presents from friends and family. She was delighted to watch me open the gifts for her. Books, toys(noise makers), stuffed
animals, clothes and videos were some of the things in her loot. I received a really nice pair of brown leather boots from David. It makes me feel less Mommy like which is mom jeans for me.

As for the new year, I don't have any new year's resolution. I wish for a happy and healthy family. Knock on wood, Milana hasn't has a cold yet. We hope to explore more of Europe next year and I should return to work. Until my next update, hopefully it will be sooner than 3 months.