Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A long post to catch up...

Mother's Day present
Seems like the last time I blogged anything it was about our trip to Disneyland Paris in April.  Well here it is September and so much has happened since then! I guess I will begin with Mother's Day.

Mother's day started out great. Milana made me a beautiful finger painted butterfly.  I got a gourmet breakfast in bed and lots of dress-up time with Milana.   We were getting all fancied up for pictures.  She even let me paint her nails. We captured some really cute shots.  Everything was going according to plan until, while in the bedroom, Milana falls and hits her head on the corner of the bed.  Again another head wound and blood everywhere.  So we made another trip to the emergency room, our 3rd in a year, and got 3 stitches in her head just above her eye.  I should have known something was going to happen since the day was going so well.  Luckily she was back to her normal self by the time we returned home.  It was an exciting Mother's Day to say the least.

Milana's Owie

Milana's birthday this year was very low key.  She opened her presents in front of her grandparents via Skype.  Unfortunately Mama or Papa did not have enough sense to get the camera out a take pictures.  I don't know what we were thinking.  I did get a picture of her making cookies on her birthday. We also started potty training around this time too.

Since Milana has a 3 week break in the summer we decided to take a vacation to Zurich. We decided to take the train there. That was a very good decision.  This was Milana's first time on a train and she loved it.  It was also nice for someone else to do the driving for us.  We just sat back and relaxed and enjoyed our 4 hour ride.  She was so excited after her train ride that she just kept saying "Choo choo train".

We stayed right in the center of the city and spent 5 days there. The first full day we went to the zoo.  Milana liked the tigers, gorillas and monkeys the best. 

The second day we took another train to an aquarium.  Milana loved looking at all the fish and of course the gift shop.  There was also a huge playground outside of the aquarium with a large slide.  Of course we had to spend a lot of time there.  She was so worn out on the way back that she fell asleep on the train.

Milana zonked with her penguin.

Milana and Mama on the train ride

The "Rocky" slide

The third day we took it easy and just went to parks and playgrounds around the city.  The fourth day we took another train out of the city and went hiking.  Milana climbed the huge look out tower, 176 steps, all by herself.  We got a great family photo from the look out point.  We also found another cool slide to try.

Top of the Tower
Nifty slide

Panoramic made by David

Our final day was the Franz Carl Weber toy store and a boat ride on the lake.  The toy store was amazing and even had a dragon slide that went from the first floor to the basement.  Needless to say Milana was in awe.  After our fun at the toy store, we went to the chocolate shop and got some yummy treats.  After that  it was time for our tour of the lake.  The was the first time she had ever been on a boat.  I was a little nervous for her because I tend to get sea sick, so I hoping she wouldn't have the same problem.  She did great and really seemed to enjoy it, especially since she got ice cream.  The next day it was time to leave our little vacation.  I think we all had a lot of fun minus a few 3 year old moments.

After Milana's three week summer break, it was time for a big milestone for her.  Her first day of kindergarten!!  Milana seemed right at home and loves being around all of the other kids.  David had to go with her for about a week and a half.

That has pretty much been our summer.  We are not sure what the fall will bring for us.  Hopefully no head injuries.