Sunday, May 16, 2010

Milana's 2nd Us Tour

Milana's second trip to the US wasn't as hectic as the first but there was plenty to do none the less. Our first stop was Mobile, AL to visit Grandpa and Grandma Presken. We did lots of shopping, went to Bellingrath Gardens, and Milana cut her second tooth. Milana also got to experience her first time eating in a restaurant.

She was fussy at the first restaurant but the more times we went the better she got. She was really fascinated with the servers bringing the food. A big shout out to Grandpa P. for keeping her entertained at the restaurants.

Our next stop was St. Louis, MO to visit Grandpa and Grandma Benscoter. We stayed at home for a couple days to rest. Milana and Mick the dog tried to make friends but one or the other was a little timid. Ok Milana didn't like his stinky hot breath. We had a nice easter dinner on Sunday and took some pictures of Milana in her new Easter dress. 

We had two days of rest and then it was on the road in car to West Virginia for Milana to meet her Great Grandpa. We stayed in a couple of hotels which Milana loved because she got her own big bed to sleep on. The trip to West Virginia took most of the week. We spent two days with grandparents and took some nice pictures. On Sunday it was back to Germany.

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