Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chuga, chuga, chuga,....Poo, Poo

Chuga, chuga, chuga in goes the milk and out comes...well you get the idea from the title. Like a little digestive train, Milana spends most of her days perfecting this art. She does have other favorite activities like sleeping on daddy's chest, bath time, mommy's back scratches and swinging in her swing to keep her occupied.

Today we thought we would give her a change in her routine and take her on a shopping trip to Ikea, lunch and the grocery store. Like any girl going out on the town, she had put on a cute outfit. Here she is excited to wear her new outfit.

Mommy and daddy had figure out how we were going to carry her around in the store. We decided to try the baby front pack. Here daddy is modeling it with her in it.

She did very well in her baby front pack in Ikea and she slept the whole time. Our trip was going good so far, so on to lunch at an American icon McDonald's. She didn't get a happy meal but she sure got a lot of attention. At the table next to us was two older women and they couldn't stop talking about her. They wanted to know all about her. They kept saying "sehr suss" which means "very sweet" in German. She sure can take over a room. After we said our goodbyes to the nice ladies, it was off to the grocery store.

It was in the grocery that she started to wake up and get hungry. So while David pushed the cart and fed her at the same time, I grabbed the groceries from the shelves. All in all it was really kind of fun and not as much of a hassle as I thought it would be. Our four hour excursion was a success. Our trip out put my mind at ease since in a month we will be going over to the US on a twelve hour flight to visit family. After today, I think she will do good on the flight. On Monday we have a new adventure, our first set of shots! Stay tuned to see what happens...

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