Sunday, May 29, 2011

Retro post Christmas 2010

All I can say is Christmas is just more fun with kids.  Seeing Milana open presents and marvel at all of the Christmas festivities is the best present of all. We took two weeks off of work to spend Christmas here at home. We did all of the traditional German Christmas activities like the Christmas Market, baking cookies, decorating the tree, etc.  We had to buy plastic ornaments this year because Milana was just a little too curious and broke a few of the glass ones that were up.

Most people in Germany do not make a Christmas dinner themselves instead they make reservations at restaurants that are open on Christmas Day.  Now this is a tradition I can get used to.  Not slaving over a stove all day and someone cooks for me, sign me up!  Our friends Marco and Nikki were nice enough to invite us to join their family at a Greed restaurant.

Milana got pampered with lots of presents.  My favorite present she received was a Frosty the Snowman book from my parents where they recorded their voices and it was like they were here reading it to her.  It was very sweet.  Something she will always have. Milana also received her very own apron from cousin Susan so she could help me make cookies. It was a great two weeks and I am looking forward to more fun next year.

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